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QBN450 Target Jet Mill
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JCF Classifier Mill
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BWF-250 fine powder packing machine
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SSB classifier
JCW Hammer Type Machinery Mill

This unit makes use of the oscillating-hammers which rapidly revolve surround the horizontal shaft, form a cyclone vortex field in every furrow according to the shape of lining toothed-plate furrow with the revolution of rotor. The direction of this vortex is on the contrary with the main vortex direction formed by rotor, to make particles impace and bump each other. The particles bump with the oscillating-hammer to be further ground. Fine particles discharge from discharge-screen. Coarse particles are continuously pulverized in the Pulverizing Chamber. So this unit also has the function of classification. On the other hand, the gap between the front of the oscillation-hammer and the lining toothedplate also has shearing action. So this unit is extensively applicable to pulverize tenacity and fibre materials.

JCW610 hammer type machinery mill is applicable for chemical, dyestuff, foodder, etc. And it is extensively applicable for black pigment trade. The grinding materials are ores, organic & inorganic chemistry, medicine, plastic and fibre materials.

Main Technical Parameters
Index model
Rev r/min
Throughput kg/h
Power kw
Fineness um
JCW300 Hammer Type Machinery Mill

The feed in the screw feeder passes through the hopper into the chamber of the machine and is ground by the eddy air current in the channel of toothed-plate produced by the swinging hammers surrounding a horizontal shaft (that is revolving at high speed). The direction of the eddy air current is opposite to that of the main eddy air current formed by rotor. The particles in the feed bombard one another. At the same time, the particles are submitted to the bombardment with hammers and the shearing force in the narrow openings between the tips of the hammers and toothed-plate. A small part of particles that survived the hammers are ground by the eddy air current produced by the upper and the lower gear plates. At last the fine particles are discharged through the screens.

Main uses:
It is designed for treating material of hardness about 3 in Mohs'scale, including soft, ores and brittle, flexible and fibrous materials. It can break down caking substances.

All chemicals, dyestuffs, pigmentys, coatings, building materials, pesticide, fertilizer, marine products, medicine, medicine herbs, fodder, leather, papermaking, carbon black, noble metals, sanitary materials and perfumes.

Characteristics of the machine:
1. JCW300-I hammer type machinery mill is equipped with water supply system to lower the temperature of the inner chamber.
2. It is equipped with a set of screens for customer's selection to obtain different sizes of the products and also equipped with a set of stripped screens for selecting Different air flow rate and air pressure so as to obtain the desired fineness of the product.
3. It is equipped with combination machine. Less area occupied, Convenient for operation.

Flow Diagrammatic Sketch
1.JCW300 Hammer Type Machinery Mill 2. Cyclone collector 3. Revolving valve for discharge
4. Pulsed bag collector 5. Centrifugal blower 6. Air current treatment equipment
7. Air compressor 8. Reducing valve 9. Pressure gauge
Main Technical Parameters
Index Type JCW300-I JCW300-II
MOTOR POWER(kW) 15 18.5
MAIN SHAFT REVOLUTION(r/min) 6500 6500
NO. HAMMERS 12 hammers in one line 24 hammers in two lines
AIR VOLUME(m3/min) 1174 1610
CAPCITY(Kg/h) 20-400 100-600
PARTICLE SIZE(um) ≥43 ≥43
OUTTER DIMENSION(mm) 1480X1280X1490 1475X1465X1485
NET.WT(Kg) 750 950
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