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Jet Mill Series
QS Horizontal Disk-Type Jet Mill
QLD/QLZ Liquified Bed-Type Jet Mill
QON Circulation Tube Type Jet Mill
QBN450 Target Jet Mill
Machinery Mill Series
JCW Hammer Type Machinery Mill
JCF Classifier Mill
JBL Pin Machinery Mill
JJ (A) Cutting Type Pulverizer
JCL Double-Shaft Micron Grinder
ZDM High Efficient Vibrating Micron Mill
Whey Pulverizer
Grading Series
FYW Grader
FQZ Classifier
FSZ classifier
Drying Series
QJD Batch Heating Agitator Drier
YP Spray Drier
XSZ Spin Inner-vaporization Drier
ZL Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer
Other Series
BWF-250 fine powder packing machine
CZL500 pelletizer, CZL750 pelletizer
SSB classifier
FYW Grader

The feed which is sent to the rotary valve door at the upper tube through a feeder and transported to the grading chamber by rotary valve is dispersed and classified fully at grading rotor which are installed horizontally. The coarse particles are thrown to the tube wall and go down along the tube wall. Owing to the action of dual air and firstary air of central tube at fan, the fine powder mixed in the coase is sent to the rotor for classification. At leat, the coarse particles go down along the tube wall and are dischanged from the rotary valve of lower tube, the fine ones are discharged from the exhaust pipe through the gap of the rotor blade. The returing tail gas discharged from wind maching to free air in the collector.

• The grader is a dry type air grading machine, which is equipped with dual airinlet and horizoutally installed grading rotor and being of a centrifugal type. It is strong in wear-resistance. long in service-life, generally applicable to the classification of free-materials.
• Substances which are even uneasy to be dispersed in the air obtain coarse and fine powder with optimal clean degree.
• It attains a wide grading range. It is selective in a rang of d97=10um. The maximan production capability comes to 8t/h, being widely used in the cement industry.
• It can classify different particles either in ball or slice or fibrous shape and being able to separate materials with different densities.
• High degree of grading particle d75/d25=1.1-1.5.
• High grading efficieney, newton efficiency η=60-90%.
• Compact construction. The size of the grading particle diameter is easy to e adjusted. It is also convenient in assembling, operation, maintenance and cleaning. It also occapies a very small area being small in vibration.
• Powerful production capability, while operating at d97=10um, the capability can reach 1000kg/h approx. It can unitedly operate with other machinery mill to obtain fine powder.

Flow Diagrammatic Sketch
1 Elevator
2 Storage bin
3 Screw feeder
4 Cyclone collector
5 Star valve
6 FYW classifier
7 Butterfly valve
8 Pulsed bag collector
9 High pressure fan
10 Noise eliminator
Main Technical Parameters
Power of
Rotor Motor (kw)
Air Volume (m3/min) Main Machine Size
Fan Power
FYW300 150 4 20-200 8000 12.9 850X700X1120 300 11 4-80
FYW400 200 5.5 50-400 6000 16.6 1030X840X1600 400   5-120
FYW630 315 11 200-2500 4000 42 1080X1200X1744 600 18.5 6-150
FYW850/4 200X4 5.5X4 800-4000 ≥6000 100 1400X1400X2196 2500 75 4-150
FYW1000 500 15 1000-8000 2400 125 2280X1626X2808 2130 55 8-150
FYW 1250 630 22 1000-5000 2000-200 160 3500X2200X3300 3500 75 8-150


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